Three ways to save money on contact lenses

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Most contact lens wearers are very happy with their contacts. These days, the majority of soft contact lenses are extremely comfortable, and they do not require much maintenance either. In the case of daily disposable contact lenses, there is not maintenance whatsoever. But one thing that many consumers do not like is the fact that contact lenses cost so much money.

With eyeglasses, there are now plenty of online stores that allow you to purchase a pair for $20 or less. Such deals do not exist for contacts, and consumers must typically spend hundreds of dollars a year paying for their lenses. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to ensure you get the lowest price possible.

1. Buy your contact online from stores like
It’s tempting to order your contact lenses at the doctor’s office, but if you simply ask for your prescription and buy them from an online store, you will usually end up saving a lot., for instance, sells many lenses at half the regular retail price. It only takes a minute to compare prices among different online contact lens stores, so make sure you check the prices at a few stores before choosing which one to buy from. You will need a copy of your prescription to place an order, so make sure you ask for one from your optometrist. As long as you have your prescription on hand, you should find that ordering lenses from an online store is rather quick and straightforward.

2. Use online coupons.
Once you find a store with low prices, you next want to search for online coupons. For instance, usually has monthly promo codes that can easily save you 10 or 15 percent on your purchase. Free shipping is also available from coupons. Therefore, it pays to take the time to look for an online coupon. You can visit the following link to find coupons for contact lenses. Alternatively, you can conduct a search using Google or Bing to find some coupons.

3. Buy your contacts in bulk.
I typically buy a 12 to 18 month supply of contact lenses. This means you need to put up more money upfront, but the benefit is that you’ll get a lower price per box by doing so. Note that by buying in large quantities, you typically qualify for free shipping as well, which can instantly save you $8 or more.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful. I usually save a hundred dollars or more, so it’s well worth the small time and effort required to implement these techniques.