Many vapers have very complex setups, owning multiple mods, tanks, and a number of accessories to boot. To be certain, tinkering with e-cigarette setups has indeed become a serious hobby for some people. But there are also quite a few people who prefer simplicity. You can count me as belonging to that category, and I have always preferred small, easy-to-use batteries from stores like White Cloud over the more complex mods.

Size of White Cloud EcigsThe reasons for this are simple. Firstly, I find that the smaller e-cigs are much more portable. I don’t have to feel like I’m carrying an extra device for my e-cig. After all, we already have smart phones and PDAs that we carry around everywhere. The last thing I need is more baggage when I head out. And don’t forget, the larger, mod-style batteries can be quite heavy as well. I’ve seen some of the newer batteries that look almost as big as a small water bottle. From my viewpoint, such batteries may be okay for home use, but I have no desire to take them with me anywhere.

Which brings me to a company called White Cloud. They make excellent small batteries that look and feel like regular cigarettes. To me, this is important, since it makes the experience more similar to smoking. Therefore, it reduces the likelihood that I’ll revert to smoking cigarettes, since the experience I have with e-cigs are close enough to the real thing. Maybe it’s psychological, but I don’t get the same feeling when I use a larger battery.

You may be tempted to buy cheaper batteries from Chinese manufacturers, but I believe this is a serious mistake. Understand, there are a small number of e-cigarette explosions that take place every few years. I don’t have all the details on these incidents, but something tells me such accidents are more likely to happen with cheaper batteries from abroad. White Cloud Ecigs, on the other hand, are made in the USA, and this makes them more trustworthy in my opinion. In addition, the FDA and other governments are starting to regulate e-cigarettes. This can be a good thing, since US manufacturers will need to adhere to stricter guidelines, compared to their counterparts in other countries. Therefore, if price is a concern for you, a better idea is to buy e-cigarettes from reputable sources and use online coupons to save money. I usually look for White Cloud Ecig Coupons or promo codes at, and usually find quite a few of them to use. If you time your purchases right (for example by buying expensive batteries on Cyber Monday), the better, US-made batteries can sometimes end up costing less than the cheaper ones being manufactured elsewhere.

If you keep your setup simple and straightforward, e-cigarettes can be much less costly than regular smoking. I estimate that I am saving at least a thousand dollars a year by using e-cigarettes. That is just for one year, so imagine how much I’ll save over a lifetime. Of course, the cheapest thing would be to stop using nicotine products altogether, but as we all know, that is easier said than done.