cinemaGiven my previous posts about TV shows and Gamefly, you’ve probably guessed by now that I’m someone who has many hobbies. Among my favorite hobbies is watching movies.

Watching movies in theaters can be costly, especially if you like to hit the concession stands. But that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to DVDs and Netflix and only go out to the movies occasionally.

If you are lucky, there are probably a couple second-run cinemas within driving distance. Now granted, these sites are older and some of them have outdated technology and sound systems. But for around 2 or 3 dollars, you get to watch a relatively recent release in a theater environment.

Most people I know don’t go to second run cinemas, but I highly encourage you to make that a new habit if you’re interested in movies and don’t always want to watch them at home. Most second run cinemas are dirt cheap, charging less per seat than you’d pay if you downloaded a rental from iTunes. This makes them worth checking out the next time you are seeking cheap entertainment.