One thing you’re probably aware of if you’re a health nut is that supplements are an important part of maintaining optimum health. But unfortunately, good quality supplements can be rather costly. In a normal month, I spend over sixty dollars on various vitamins and supplements I must take to ensure good health.

discount vitamins and supplementsBuying cheap supplements from Walmart or other retailers is one way to cut down on costs. But with something as important as health, I don’t feel comfortable buying cheap products. A better option in my opinion is to purchase your supplements on the Internet, where you can frequently get great deals on high-quality supplements.

There is no shortage of good vitamin stores you can shop at. Some of my favorites include Lucky Vitamins, Pureformulas, and Vitamin Shoppe. You can’t go wrong purchasing your supplements from any of these stores. For the time being, I tend to order the most frequently from Pureformulas, because they have a lot of cheap supplements and also offer Pureformulas online coupons that allow me to get the best deals possible.

One thing you should always do, however, is search for online coupons for the vitamins you purchase. Most discount vitamin stores on the Internet offer coupons on a monthly basis, allow you to save up to 50% or more on your order. Free shipping is also available through the use of online coupons.

Another way I save money is by purchasing vitamins in bulk. As is the case with many things, buying in large quantities often allows you to get a better price per bottle. And given that most vitamins have a shelf life of one year or more, there is no need to worry about stocking up unless you buy more than a 1-year supply.